Tuesday, December 06, 2011

#WantAnR8: What Does Your Ideal R8 Look Like?

In case you missed it, Audi announced on its Facebook page last week that the company is celebrating the milestone of reaching 4,000,000 fans by building a special Audi R8 V10 Coupe. Fans can vote for their favorite color, interior, transmission, and wheel design. Audi will build the R8 based on the features with the most votes. Click here to cast your vote!

My ideal R8 would be white with black interior, six-speed manual transmission, and titanium finished wheels. As much as I enjoy the comfort of automatic transmission, a sports car just isn't a sports car without manual gear shifts.

And speaking of the R8, Joseph Teegardin is the latest person to drive one in the #WantAnR8 campaign on Twitter. Check out the video...

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Mike said...

My Audi R8 would have white pearl color and black interior. Would like to have the V10 engine as I have drove V8 and it doesn't feel that much as a race care as V10.