Friday, December 02, 2011

What Does Your Car Say About You?

For Friday fun, I thought I'd share this infographic about what your car says about you... What do you think? Are Audi owners "status seekers"?

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What does your car say about you?? by


Elliott Marshall, A.S., RPR said...

"You are what you drive," it is said. I do believe that the personality of a human being is borne out by the automobile he or she drives. ANd I also think that Audi owners are adventurous and march to the beat of a different drummer. BMW drivers are status seekers, but one thing cannot be debated; they are as common as mosquitoes in the summertime after a good, soaking rain. My family owned the beemers in the late 60's and early 70's, when people didn't know WTF they were. My mother used to refer to my brother's 2002Tii as the Tuneville trolley. Damn! The car was boxier than the Volvos of the 70's and 80's. I now own my third Audi, a 2008 TT roadster, tuned to the nines. 85,000 miles on it and nary a problem. BMW and Mercedes can't hold a candle to this kind of reliability. I'm an Audi guy, and intend to stay that way... until and unless they get as common as those mosquitoes... then I will have to switch to something more exotic and less common. EM.

Mathieu Levin said...

It is an interesting and engaging infographic as well. How true that our car choices do say a bit about ourselves. I ride an economic model which says I'm thrifty.
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Anonymous said...

Very UNtrue in my case! I drive an Audi A3 sport, it's black with tinted windows, it's modded and so on... People say, 'ooh a boy racer owns that car, bet they're a vicious driver...' WELL. I'm a female at university, I'm pretty chill, relaxed, stick to my speed limits, give way to most drivers (see, I'm polite, yes?) I like driving to far away places, and going on an adventure (on foot, of course) as for show off? I'm shy but energetic around my friends. So... Our cars don't always say these things, it's mostly just our lifestyles, being realistic with our vehicles, and individual choice and preference. Just sayin' :)