Saturday, September 09, 2017

Navigation Technology Gets an Upgrade in the Audi A8

Audi A8 with HERE technology

Planning to buy the new Audi A8? Your navigation experience is about to hit the next level.

Audi has been working with HERE Technologies to turn the A8 into the next best thing since KITT in Knight Rider. Sidenote: We can be best friends if you know who KITT is.

Put navigation to work even before you get in the car
The new myAudi smartphone app works hand-in-hand with HERE navigation software to synchronize navigation destinations and favorites with the car via the cloud. You can start entering your destination on the app while you're in the house and once you get in the car you're ready to go.

Visually beautiful experience
Imagine a navigation map with clearer graphics, highly detailed 3D models of cities worldwide, and realistic representations of buildings. The navigation is also accessible across multiple screens, allowing passengers in the car the ability to interact with the map, search for places and set destinations.

Predictive guidance
Audi's MMI analyzes the traffic along your journey and helps you take the optimal route based on the current road conditions and potential hazards. The information is updated at frequent intervals. As you approach your destination, the system can even help you find parking. A new features gives the driver the ability to change the route by enlarging the section in question on the display, then tracing the new route with a finger and activating it.

HERE technology will be featured in future Audi models as well as in select vehicles offered by additional brands in the VW Group.

Audi A8 drive on Tech Day

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