Monday, August 06, 2012

Pinstriping a Q7?

A reader asks:
I just bought a new Audi Q7 and want to know the thoughts of other Audi owners on pinstriping their cars. I don't know if pinstriping would ruin the clean lines or add? Please post your thoughts before I do something that would ruin my car. Thanks.

I think pinstriping would look nice on a Q7 to give it a sporty look, but you're probably going to get a mix of opinions. It all depends on personal aesthetics. If you end up doing it and don't like it, there are ways to remove it easily, according to some people at AudiForums and Audizine.

What do you think about pinstriping a car, fellow Audi enthusiasts? Share your thoughts via comments below. I've already tweeted the question to our Twitter followers, so as I receive answers, I'll post them here as well.


Anonymous said...

Depends alot on the color.
I've been hoping side-graphics would make a comeback, so the question is a good one.

There's always the big questions of making the pinstripe "ruler-straight" or following the curves of the body. Either way it should be a specific decision, otherwise you end up with a "melted" looking pinstripe. I say done nicely it's a fine touch. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

has anyone put a pinstripe on a q7? any chance you can poost a pic? I am considering a red stripe on my new, Daytona Gray Q7 (2014). Thanks!

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