Friday, November 30, 2012

The Commercial For Audi Enthusiasts Who Love to Be Themselves

Oscar Wilde quote used in Audi commercial

I've never been one to follow the crowd, have a desire to live in a suburban area with track housing, drive what everyone else is driving, or follow all the trends. Although, I did finally break down and buy the iPhone this year, and that was because I needed it for the work I do.

So when Audi came out with this commercial for the Audi Q5, "Be Yourself", it completely resonated with me. I'm sure many of you Audi enthusiasts can relate as well...

There are so many reasons why I love the Audi brand, but their distinct design is at the top of the list. Some people may disagree, but that's their prerogative. One thing I will say, though, where I live here in Southern California there are way more people driving the Lexus RX than the Audi Q5.

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