Monday, February 18, 2013

What's Faster Than an Audi?

Many of us have a love and need for speed. Before we fork over that money for a sports car, the big question that must be answered is: How fast can it go? Sometimes that question is followed by:  Is it faster than *insert another fast car here* ?

This curiosity for speed tends to belong to young boys fascinated with cars, just like the eight-year-old mastermind behind the "What's Faster" game. William, along with his father, came up with the idea for the app after a conversation that involved researching the speed of a tiger versus a lion.

"What's Faster" can be played on the iPad, which offers over 625,000 comparisons in 32 categories. It's not just for cars, you can compare animals, roller coasters, airplanes, and more.

Unfortunately, I don't have an Ipad, so I can't download and review it, but check out their website, to find out more and download the app. You can also learn more about Will Stacy and the process he went through to develop the app.

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