Thursday, September 11, 2014

Car Care Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Audi cars being serviced
As Audi enthusiasts, I simply assume we know how to take care of our investments, but sometimes we need reminders every now and then.

The great thing about cars (besides the obvious) is that with technology that is growing daily, the maintenance on a car is nothing in comparison to what it used to be. But even so, without the proper love and care that’s needed, you could find yourself in some situations that would have been easy to avoid.


Keeping in mind that tune-ups are relatively obsolete will save you some extra money and also keep you from the possibility of having a maybe not-so-reputable mechanic take advantage of you. Generally speaking, spark plugs need to be replaced at around one hundred thousand miles and your timing belt, as well as, coolant should be looked at around the sixty thousand mile point. Know your vehicle and speak to your dealership.

Vintage Audi motor
Fluid Checks

Motor oil isn’t the only fluid in your car that needs to be checked periodically. This is according to your manufacturer. Though it is the most critical, neglecting the other fluids that allow your vehicle to run in prime condition could cause permanent and ultimately quite expensive damage to your car. Ensure that you are checking power steering fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid as recommended.


Make sure you take your car into a mechanic or your dealership for assessment when noticing anything wrong with your brakes. This will lower your risk of a disaster. Ensure that you are paying attention to the sound, the resistance, feel and response -- as even the smallest of change within any of these elements could indicate that something is wrong.


Having both a wheel and a tyre alignment done on your car is definitely something you won’t want to brush off. While it can be overlooked because you can go quite some time without these realignments, it is in your best interest to have your wheels and tyres looked at every five thousand to ten thousand miles. Check with your dealership to find out what they recommend is best for your model.

Being aware of the common mistakes that are frequently made can keep you out of the ditch and away from the side of the road. Your car is one of your most valued investments and when you properly care for that investment, it continues to grow. Remember, the more that you take care of your vehicle, the more it will take care of you and get you where you need to go.

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Caleb Hart said...

Great Post! I couldn't agree more with you about keeping up with your Audi. I had a 1998 Audi A4 and one of my air intake hoses split and would suck in air from the outside instead of through the filter. It was a nightmare trying to get things to how they used to be. Take care of your Audi and she'll take care of you.

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