Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Should Audi Release the Q2 to the U.S. Market?

Audi released its small Q2 in the European market last year. The car is fully designed on VW’s modular MQB platform, boasts a new elegant design, has a fully efficient fuel engine, and superb interior.

For the past few years Americans have had a love affair with crossovers, but like many of its other models, Audi may not bring the Audi Q2 to American shores. In my research, however, I did see a few sites including Carttraction.com mention that it will arrive in the U.S. in 2018. I will contact Audi's PR team and see if they can confirm that.

It’s been said that Audi refuses to bring the Q2 to the U.S. because of brand perception. As we all know, Audi has taken a hit in the PR department, so perhaps they’re waiting to see how Audi Q3 sales go before introducing another compact SUV to the mix.

Taking a look at the most recent sales report for the U.S., it looks like the Q3 is actually doing OK compared to last year.

As gas prices continue to soar and millennials continue to look for affordable luxury vehicles, Audi may be inclined to give the Q2 in America more thought.

What do you think? Should Audi release the Q2 in the U.S.?

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