Saturday, November 04, 2017

How To Look After Your Audi This Winter

Audi A5

It’s no secret that Audi is one of the most prestigious car brands in the market right now, so it’s obvious that you’d want to keep your car in the best possible condition all year round. As the weather becomes increasingly cooler now is the perfect time to make sure your Audi is prepared for the harsher weather conditions. By using a number of tips from car leasing experts you can ensure that your car remains in the best possible condition.

Check your tyres

The roads will inevitably be much more slippery in the cold and wet weather, so it’s important to make sure that your tyres are in excellent condition. Make sure that your tyres have a good amount of tread to avoid any chance of you veering off the roads. It’s also imperative to check your Audi’s tyre pressure to ensure that they’re properly inflated.

Keep an emergency kit in your car

When the weather turns cold and icy the roads can become incredibly unpredictable and even dangerous, so it’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your car. You should keep a warm blanket, some food supplies, and a bottle of water in your car just in case of a breakdown or you get stranded in traffic for a long time. During the winter your car windscreen is also likely to need de-frosting on a morning, so you should keep some de-icer in your car at all times for good measure.

Keep your Audi clean and tidy

The winter months can be particularly unkind to both the interior and exterior of your car. It’s imperative to make sure that you keep it as clean as possible to avoid any unwanted creatures getting inside your car. The cold weather can also cause your car to go moldy, so by keeping it nice and clean you should significantly reduce this risk.

Check the oil

Your car’s engine won’t run efficiently if your oil level isn’t regularly maintained, so make sure that you keep it topped up when necessary.

Top up your washer fluid

In the winter months it’s very easy for your windshield to become smeary and dirty. Ensure that your washer fluid is constantly topped up in order to achieve a clearer windshield much more easily.

Don’t forget to keep your tank full

If you’re making long journeys in the winter, you should always make sure that your tank is at least half full before you embark on your journey just in case you run into any long delays or diversions.

Find a suitable parking space

Where possible, you should try and park your car under cover as this will help to reduce the likelihood of your car suffering from ice and frost. This will save you from having to spend too much time clearing your car in the morning.

If you stick to all these tips and advice from industry leading experts, then your Audi is sure to remain in excellent condition throughout the winter months.

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