Friday, February 23, 2018

The Audi Cruiser of Choice for the Businessman or Woman

Audi A4

When it comes to business, you are not so much selling a product as you are an image. You have to make the right first impression, so if you park outside the venue for that all important client-meeting in a ride that doesn’t project your brand’s values; you are already getting off on the wrong foot.

For the businessman or woman looking to go places, they have to be equipped with a suitable car. Audi vehicles are becoming more and more popular as the choice for company vehicles. Whether your company opts for the subtle executive coupe or goes all out with something with a little more power under the bonnet, you won’t go far wrong.


Voted as the What Car? Best Executive Car of the Year 2018, the Audi A4 is surely the first model that comes to mind when looking for a company car the ticks all of the boxes. It’s stylish, comfortable, luxurious, powerful, and comes equipped with an incredible entertainment system.

The A4 is also one of the most economical vehicles on the market, managing up to 74 miles to the gallon (TDI Ultra model), ensuring that running costs are kept to a minimum. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives when it comes to insurance, but the safety features of the A4 more than makes the associated costs, receiving a five star Euro NCAP rating.


As far as first impressions go, the Audi Q2 ticks the boxes; however, it isn’t necessarily the best option for high-flying businessmen and women who would class their car as their second office. While there is plenty of space in the front of the car, comfortably sitting a driver and passenger taller than six-foot, the rear seating is not as spacious. If you found yourself transporting client and/or important associates on the airport run, it probably wouldn’t be the most comfortable ride.

With that said, the Q2’s infotainment system cannot be faulted. With the capability of connecting your smartphone via USB, the driver and passengers can make full use of Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto. Overall, the Q2 boasts one of the finest interiors in the small SUV market.


The future is now with the latest incarnation of the A8, the DS5, at least it should be sometime in 2018. Audi plans on rolling out the new Traffic Jam Pilot system in the new A8’s this year, which can completely automate your driving experience.

Capable of steering itself with speeds of up to 155.3 mph alongside braking, accelerating and maneuvering itself through traffic, the A8 promises to be a dream for business people who make as many calls behind the wheel as they do at their desk. This technology is legal in Germany and it remains to be seen as to whether there are any legal hurdles that have to be overcome before it can be rolled out worldwide.


The Audi of choice for the businessman who has ‘made it’, the TT is as symbolic as it is glorious – no doubt you have seen many a CEO roll up in one of these. Perfect if you want to steal the show at a business meeting or conference – you can find out more here in regards to room hire – the Audi TT would truly create an incredible brand image.

Of course there are more practical options available, not least because the TT comprises of only two useful seats, but because the rear seating options might as well not exist. Storage space is surprisingly generous, however. If you are only focused on the ‘wow’ factor, then this is your company car of choice, although you might have some convincing to do where the accounts department is concerned.

Audi TT

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