Sunday, March 04, 2018

Preparing Your Car For the Summer

Summer's unbearable heat has quite a few painfully frustrating additional flaws and being stuck in the never-ending queues of traffic is definitely one of them, but there are numerous ways you can prepare yourself and your car for a summer's day out on the road.

Cooling System

One of the biggest causes of vehicle breakdowns in the summer is due to overheating. If the cooling system inside your car works fine, you don't need to worry about at all. However, this isn't always the case as many drivers aren't aware that cooling systems should be completely flushed and refilled roughly every two years.


Inspecting every aspect of your car before travelling in the summertime is a game changer, but there isn't much point in ensuring the safety and comfort of yourself and other passengers if you fail to inspect the external features too. Your car's bulbs should frequently be observed and inspected, making sure that you replace those that are burned out and that you clean dirty lights as well.


The last thing you'd need, or want, on your summertime road trip is to be left stranded on the side of a busy and unfamiliar road with a flat tyre – which is why it's crucial for you to double check the pressure of your car's tyres and make sure that they are correct. You can find out what the correct pressure level for your car's tyres is by taking a look at the manufacturer manual; everything you need to know about your car and its well-being should be stored in there! Remember to check your car's tyre pressure at least once a month before starting out on your summertime getaway.


Car brakes should be inspected as often as specified in the manual for your car, or sooner if you notice any faults, pulsations, grabbing, unfamiliar noises, or a longer stopping distance. Be sure to refer to the correct manual, though. Each vehicle has one that is specific to the features and requirements of a certain model. In this case, it would be the exact make and model you drive.


Car batteries can fail at any time of the year, which is why it's always important to have a professional use the correct tools and equipment to detect whether your car has a weak battery or not. Routine care should always be taken care of by trained and experienced professionals in a qualified workshop to ensure that vehicles are still safe enough to be on the road.


Regardless of whether your summertime journey is short or quite some distance, it's always a brilliant idea to carry some basic tools – ask a qualified technician for suggestions and advice. Also, try to ensure that your car has a first aid or medical kit, flares and a torch, just to be safe!

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