Friday, September 28, 2018

Everything To Consider If You're Interested In The 2018 Audi A1 Sportback

The new Audi A1 range is absolutely stunning. You can choose between the Hatchback and the Sportback, but the latter is the one for Audi enthusiasts interested in glitz and glamour. Size is certainly an illusion with this brand new model. It’s a compact vehicle, but it’s packed full of exciting features and capabilities.

The A1 range has been around for a while now, but the 2018 Sportback edition is absolutely electrifying. And it has to be electrifying if it wants to contend with the newest Mini and other sporty-yet-compact cars hitting the market. Here’s everything you need to consider if you want an A1 Sportback for yourself.

The technology

In terms of modern tech, Audi’s new A1 has all the bells and whistles. You can expect the typical 10.25-inch collection of digital instruments and gadgetry. Additionally, there’s a multi-functional steering wheel if you need access to music and other gadgets whilst you’re driving (provided that you focus on the road, of course).

That being said, the voice control feature should be useful whilst you’re behind the wheel. Other than the entry-level A1's, the Sportback also comes with a touchscreen console on the dashboard that comes with handwriting recognition technology. And if you’re a big Audi expert then you’ll probably recognize that from the recent A8 model.

There are plenty of technological advancements in terms of “driver assistance” features, too. This is becoming increasingly popular in modern cars, and you’ll be able to utilize active lane-departure features, cruise control, and autonomous emergency braking. There are also very high-tech headlights on the A1 Sportback. As Audi fans, we know that this is a common feature in any range, but the new A1 has advanced the technology even further.

The design

Something else to be admired about the brand new 2018 A1 Sportback is that the design is incredible. Audi has really hit the ball out of the park with this one.

As mentioned in the introduction, the design is perfectly compact, yet stylish. It’s a five-door vehicle despite its relatively small size, and it has a similar appearance to the Q2 SUV than the classic Audi design. Sharp colors also help to make the design more interesting; the yellow and black model looks sleek and contrasting.

Of course, if you’re into personalized design then you could look into a company such as CalTrend to create a custom seat cover for you. In a sporty vehicle such as the new A1, it’s important to have an interior that matches the stylish exterior. That being said, the layout of the A1 Sportback’s interior is already very sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

The engine

As for the technicalities of the engine, there’ll most likely be 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder TFSI petrol engines in a range of sizes. You’ll also be looking at manual and S Tronic automatic gearboxes. Given that these are early days, it’s hard to say whether there’ll be a hybrid model or even a diesel model, but time will tell. Whatever the case, the performance capabilities of this car should be astoundingly impressive.

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