Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lap Of Luxury: Making Your Audi A More Comfortable Ride By Changing A Couple Of Things

As far as comfort is concerned, an Audi is arguably one of the smoother vehicles out there. When we are working at our own individual level of comfort, we need to find simple ways to ensure that we are getting the most out of our cars.

Here are a couple of things to consider in order to maximize the comfort level in your Audi car...

Handling The Vehicle

Most Audis handle like a dream anyway, but now you can purchase the latest Audi models with the Audi Drive Select function. After all, we each have our own opinion of comfort. If we share driving duties with our significant other, we may want more sportiness from our Audi, but our partner may want something smoother.

Audi Drive Select has different modes that include auto, efficiency, dynamic, individual, and, perhaps most self-explanatory, comfort. With each function, you can choose one option to suit your mood. The great thing about this is that you don't have to stick to one function. If you're feeling more playful, you can go for the dynamic function, which makes the car handle better. If you're feeling environmentally conscious on another day, efficiency mode will improve your fuel consumption, but you won't feel as much power over the vehicle.

With a luxury vehicle, you want that option to have some control over the car, but at the same time, if you're not feeling up to it, something like the Audi Drive Select can really come in handy when you're not in the mood. A very handy definition of comfort!

Getting Some Worthwhile Habits

Audi vehicles have so much handling ability, but it's still our responsibility to have some sort of sensible driving acumen. Think about setting a good example for other drivers. Yes, we want to show off our prowess, but if we just cause frustration for other drivers on the road and just think about our comfort as a priority over others, maybe it's time to think about our own driving habits instead.

So what are these good habits? Well, it's about driving economically in addition to not relying on the accelerator or brake too much will help infinitely.

Comfort isn't just about putting the pedal to the metal, it's also about making sure our journey is as economical as possible. Not only does this mean planning and preparing your journey, but it's also about looking at our own driving skills. After all, with an Audi, we are predominately relying on the vehicle’s power to ensure a smoother ride. But, instead, maybe it's about having a few decent habits.

Maintenance is one of those things that we can easily ignore from time to time. You can also be incredibly overzealous with your amateur mechanic skills. The more aggressive we are in our driving habits, the more we're going to expose our vehicle to wear and tear. Of course, regular servicing will prevent many of these problems. While mechanics rotating your tires for you and changing the oil is going to prevent minor problems from becoming major ones, this isn't an excuse for you to drive the car into the ground.

Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

As nice as it would be to fall asleep on a long journey, we need to find some ways to balance our sense of comfort with our duties behind the wheel. In which case, you may want to think about your own anxieties behind the wheel. Clutter in the car is a very good example of something that can distract us from the road. It's a little thing, but it could make a big difference.

Speaking of distractions, the touchscreen has become a common function in modern cars, especially Audis. Is this something that you rely on infinitely to get to your destination? Are these functions aiding our journey, or are they distracting us from the road? It’s all comes down to personal preference. With distracted driving being a common culprit of accidents these days, we need to find the right balance.

Not to be critical of the Virtual Cockpit - it can certainly make our lives a lot easier - but with three screens vying for our attention in the A6 model, we have to exert some form of control over our abilities to not get distracted so much. It's very much a combination of getting everything ready before we head off on the road, but ensuring that the vehicle isn't too distracting in other ways.

Making our Audi more comfortable is not too difficult. We could spend years fine-tuning our in-car experience to make the journey a smoother one, but it's about ensuring that the functions suit our needs. The Audi Drive Select function could do a lot in this respect, but we still have to address our own attitudes behind the wheel. This means that maybe we have to rein in our innate Audi-ness!

While the journey is incredibly smooth, we have still have to address our own characteristics behind the wheel. This won't just make our journey more comfortable, but everyone else’s journey on the road, too!

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