Saturday, November 03, 2018

Put Safety First With An Audi Q7

There are many factors you take into consideration when buying a car.

Many people will decide based on aesthetics. They want something that will look good on the roads. Some of us will opt for space, as we may have many belongings to carry around with us, kids to cart around, or even pets to get back and forth.

Then there are those of us that prioritize handling and speed to achieve a certain feel when we hit the roads.

Something that we should all put first, though, with any vehicle is safety. The roads can prove to be a dangerous place no matter how good a driver you may be. Potential problems such as adverse weather conditions, poor quality roads, or other bad drivers could all lie in wait and strike at any time.

The safer a vehicle you’re in, the less likely you are to experience a problem. This is why you should seriously consider investing in an Audi Q7. This vehicle is renowned for its premium safety features.

Just In Case

No vehicle can completely protect you from any problem. If you do experience a problem on the roads, make sure to stop, call medical help if necessary, take details for your insurance provider, and consider contacting a reliable lawyer like this one:

Safety Rating

When tested, the Audi Q7 has received a five-star safety rating, coming in at 94% for adult occupants, 88% for child occupants, and 70% for pedestrians. Its safety assist score has also come in at 76%.


The Audi Q7 has various sensors that can prevent you from coming into trouble in a couple of ways. Parking sensors detect when your vehicle is close to any other vehicles, walls, or anything else. This helps to prevent bumps and scrapes in the parking process. Lane detecting sensors can provide you with assistance when it comes to staying in your lane.

Speed Limiter

The Audi Q7 also has a speed limiter that can be adjusted to whatever speed you choose. This can prevent you from exceeding speed limits in any given area.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

The sensitive tire pressure monitoring in the Q7 will alert you to slow punctures that may otherwise go undetected.

Learn more about other safety features of the Audi Q7 in the video below...

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