Wednesday, November 28, 2018

7 Repair Issues That Audi Drivers Experience

Audi's are great cars that are exceptionally well built, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. No car is.

Whatever you buy, you’re always going to have problems that need repairing at some point. Every manufacturer is different and each brand has their own problems associated with it. If you’ve had your Audi for a couple of years now, these are some of the issues that might come up at some point.

Electrical Components

All of the tech that is packed into an Audi is one of the things that makes it great. Audi offers amazing features that you don’t get with other cars, which makes the driving experience so much better. However, having that many electrical components in the car can open you up to potential problems.

Electrical faults are one of the most common issues that Audi owners face, particularly with the A6 Saloon. Problems with the digital dashboard is something that people have trouble with. Problems with the lights are also fairly common. The dashboard isn’t too much of an issue, but if your lights aren’t working properly, that’s a bigger issue. The good news is, Audi has a great warranty service, so if you do experience any problems, you shouldn’t have to pay too much for the repairs.

Loose Fuel Caps

Loose fuel caps don’t seem like that much of a problem. Most people think of it as a minor annoyance at most. Your car could be leaking fuel as you drive, though, and that is an issue. Fuel leaks means you won’t get good mileage and you’ll be wasting money for no good reason.

It might just be that you’re not tightening the fuel cap properly, so take extra care when you’re filling it up. However, it’s fairly common in Audi’s for the fuel cap to become damaged. It’s not that expensive to buy a new one and it’ll improve the overall performance of the car by quite a bit.

Paint Work

Many people report issues with the paintwork on their Audi after a couple of years. Swirling marks on the paint and flaking are particular problems. Sometimes it’s just general wear and tear. Audi can be a bit tricky with this issue and they won’t always fix it for you under warranty, especially if you’ve had the car for a while.

This is a common body work problem in many cars, not just Audi’s, but it seems to come up more often in some models. You can read more here about other body work issues that you might have to deal with. The bad news is, if you can’t get Audi to agree that the problem is on their end and they won’t cover it under warranty, you may have to get the car sprayed again and cover the cost for yourself.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a pain, which can really affect the overall performance of your car. There are a few common causes of oil leaks in an Audi. It could be because of the valve cover gasket or it might be down to the camshaft tensioner.

Unfortunately, the only fix for this problem is to replace one or both of those parts. It’s best to get it checked over by a mechanic who can identify where the problem is so you don’t waste money replacing parts that are fine. It can be a fairly expensive fix, somewhere in the region of $300-$500 if you have to replace parts.

Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors are an important part of the car that monitors fuel consumption and sends information back to the computer system, which makes adjustments to improve fuel efficiency. It’s safe to drive your car with a broken oxygen sensor but it’s not ideal. If you don’t have a working oxygen sensor, your fuel efficiency is going to suffer and you won’t get very good mileage. The longer you leave it, the more money you’ll waste on fuel. The good news is, the sensors are fairly easy to replace so you may be able to do it yourself. It’ll cost about $200 for the parts but you won’t need to pay labor costs for the repairs.

Ignition Coils

Failure of the ignition coil is one of the most commonly reported mechanical failures that Audi drivers experience. If you’re experiencing engine misfire, that’s probably because your ignition coil is faulty. The factory standard ignition coils aren’t that great so they’re prone to breakages. If you replace them with a better quality one, it will only cost you about $100-$200 for parts and labor.

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are a big problem with Audi’s because they can get clogged quite easily. Carbon build up is a big issue, which causes the converters to get clogged up and jam the exhaust flow.

The first port of call is to take the car to a mechanic and get the converters replaced. This should sort the problem for a while but it’s not a long term solution. The converters are prone to clogging, but there is also the root cause of carbon build up that you need to deal with. You can replace the converters to make the car driveable for a while but you need to get a mechanic to service the car and get to the root of the problem.

You shouldn’t let these issues put you off from buying an Audi. Every car manufacturer has its own issues and they’re still brilliantly well-made cars. As long as you’re prepared for these problems and you know how to deal with them, they shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.

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