Thursday, November 08, 2018

Why Audis Have Stayed On Top Of The Estate Range

For a long time now, Audi has been the king of the estates. These long and large cars have been a favorite for those with large families, people who live out in the countryside, and of course, businessmen.

They handle great because many of the Audi estates are purely four-wheel drive. The engines have matched the size if not more so with turbo-charged V8 engines being the staple of these types of cars. However, recently the technology that Audi is pushing out in their cars has allowed for a small engine to be made for the newest estate models. Twin-turbocharged V6 engines along with small electric motors have made these cars into what is termed ‘mild-hybrids.

The fuel efficiency has gone up drastically, plus now there is also better low-rev response times thanks to the instantaneous power of the electric motors. The capabilities haven’t just improved but the drive-aides have also been updated and upgraded extensively.

Starting off the family

If you would like to get into the estate range Audi has to offer, you might want to check out the first in their line up. The A4 Avant is great for growing families who live out in the suburbs. It's not too large and heavy, but has great boot space and is easy to maneuver in tight spots. There’s a wide range of powerful and also economical engines depending on what kind of needs you desire.

At 1.78 meters, the A4 Avant is a reasonably long car. Thanks to this length you can fold down the rear seats if you need to transport something large in the back. That’s another thing about Audi estates, they’re designed to be practical because they are to be treated as workhorses. There’s also a 3-zone climate control option if you have a packed out car and everyone would like different temperatures to sit in.

The thoroughbred horse

The most famous and well-liked of the Audi estates is, of course, the A6. However, of the two variants between the Avant and the Allroad, it's little doubt that the Allroad is probably the most popular. Why wouldn’t you want a car that car traverse through muddy fields, ford through waters and have enough power to haul a large caravan or boat?

Check out the options you have at popular Audi Dealers where different engine sizes, interiors, wheels, and winter accessories can be fitted to your exact specifications. Amazingly, the V6 only burns 0.7-liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. With the new 8-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox, this makes the engine very efficient, making the car perfect for long distance cruising also. The Allroad is a car you can use on the farm, but also trek across an entire continent in comfort and style. The car right now is in its fifth generation with plenty of new improvements being made in the software it uses.

Audis have held the crown of the estate car for a long time and you can see why. They are built to last, provide a large family with abundant space, and have engines that are powerful and economical. If you would like to start off smaller, try the A4, but if you want the larger version you will probably want to drive away with the A6.

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