Monday, November 12, 2018

Drivers Reveal Their Problems With The Audi A6 Saloon

For many, owning a luxury Audi is a life goal. The German manufacturer makes some of the most exciting and inspirational models available on the market, and will likely continue to do so for decades. With that said, Audis are by no means perfect. After a few years on the road, there's a chance you may run into some problems with your A6.

Not to worry. Although issues are inevitable, here are some problems that long-term drivers have had with their Audi A6s and what can be done about them.

Problems With the Electrics

Many drivers report having experienced problems with their Audi A6’s electrics. Electrics on modern Audis are complicated, controlling everything from the Multitronic gearbox to the central locking. When they go wrong, it can be a major hassle. Drivers report having issues with these features of their cars as well as the rear courtesy lamp, the engine temperature gauge, and the airbag control unit.

Problems With the Brakes

Nobody wants their car to have braking problems, but on a few rare occasions, A6 drivers have found themselves with issues. You should repair your brakes as soon as you notice a problem, not only to save you money in the future but also prevent injury or collision with another road user.

A6's tend to develop squeaking noises on brakes, especially if regularly driven on long road trips. On longer trips, drivers tend brake to less, and so corrosion can build up on the disc rotors. Usually, this corrosion is scraped off after hard braking, but when drivers don’t break hard for long periods of time, it can build up and cause issues. Corroded discs wear down pads faster and can lead to noises which eventually degrade the entire braking system. Listen for squeaking and rubbing sounds from the disc while the car is in motion. If you hear any, contact your nearest Audi mechanic.

Clutch Problems

It’s well known that Audi gearboxes can have issues from time to time. Yes, they’re quiet and feel smooth, but that is often at the expense of longevity. Owners of A6s say that they have had gearbox failures under normal driving conditions. Sometimes they haven’t been able to get the issue fixed under warranty. The clutch is also prone to failure on the Multitronic gearbox, which is difficult to replace. The advice is to use the clutch sparingly, only when changing gear, and not to “ride the clutch” under any circumstances.

Suspension Issues

As a luxury car manufacturer, Audi puts a lot of money and effort into making its vehicles as comfortable as possible. Suspension design, therefore, is critical.

Some drivers, however, say that they have experienced quality control issues with the A6’s suspension system. In particular, the front suspension of the car tends to knock, even very early into the vehicle’s life. Knocking should be resolved immediately, as it can be an indication of a poorly calibrated factory suspension setup and could lead to loss of control on the road.

In Conclusion

An Audi A6 is a beautiful and elegant vehicle that is a great car to own, but as stated earlier, it's not perfect. It's good to be aware of any common problems and look for them, especially if you're purchasing a used A6. The more you stay on top of the maintenance of an Audi, the less likely you'll experience these problems.

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