Friday, November 09, 2018

Simple Ways To Personalize Your Audi Experience

We've talked about making your Audi a more comfortable ride, but when we’re looking for the perfect Audi experience - inside and outside of the vehicle - the one way we can really make it our own is to customize it to our specific tastes. What are our options?

Building Your Perfect Audi

Amazingly, if you haven't heard of it, the Audi Configurator gives you the opportunity to design the best vehicle for you. It's as comprehensive an experience as you can get when it comes to building your own car.

You can go through the various styles and body types. From there, you can choose your type of engine from trimline to drivetrain as well as the exterior and interior. Add into the mix your preferred options of a steering wheel, technology, as well as audio options, and you've got a custom Audi that’s just for you!

Altering The Paintwork

Audi developed a technique that can allow them to change the paintwork, which is known informally as Audi Tattoos. This is done by using a specific powder so the lacquer on the surface of the vehicle is roughened, so you can, in effect, add a tattoo to the car. This is a great way for you to create a customizable vehicle, or if you run a business and want to put a logo on the car. Granted, this isn't something for everyone, but right now it's only available on the R8 model.

Adding Those Little Touches

Another way to customize the car to your own specific tastes is to have a personalized number plate. This is still one of the simplest ways to create a car that's personal to you. You can search here for the number plates that are currently available.

One could argue that, as far as aesthetics are concerned, you could go for bigger changes such as vehicle wraps, but if you don't want to compromise the sleek design of the vehicle, a personalized number plate is the best way to go.

In addition to this, changing the interior can be done easily by adding steering wheel covers, seat covers, or customizing your pedals. The best way to create a personal style inside an Audi without redesigning the interiors is to add a fragrance. It's a little thing, but makes such a big impact, especially if you have kids in the car, eat food in the car, or basically live in your Audi! The Gecko Dispenser is one option of many, but try out a few scents and find the right one that suits you.

Personalizing and customizing your Audi can feel a bit pointless, but if you feel that the car isn't as personal as you want it to be, then it's your right to make these cosmetic changes. From paintwork to the alloys and small interior changes are all great ways to put your own personality on the vehicle.

What have you done to your Audi to make it your own?

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