Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Audi Is Looking To Future, And Here's Why You Should Too

Car manufacturers are currently turning their attention to the world of the electric car. The past few years have seen charging ports and new companies like Tesla coming to the fore with technology like this. Now we’re seeing our favorite brands redesigning models we know and love for this electric revolution. Of course, Audi is one of the leaders in this space race. Did you expect anything less?

Audi is so upfront with this, in fact, that they’re set to release three electric models by 2020, with the first coming out next year. The E-Tron Sportback and E-Tron SUV have been in the works for a while. This past week also saw the release of a concept model of the E-Tron GT. Audi has also promised one partial or fully electric release every year after.

That’s exciting news for any Audi fan, but it does spell a period of change. The question is, then, why should you follow Audi into their version of the future?

Lower Emissions

The ultimate goal of the electric car is to be emission-free. That’s a crucial benefit with our current global concerns. If you care about the environment, Audi’s new electric models should deserve a place on your radar.

Admittedly, Audi isn’t entirely emission-free as yet, but models like the GT are set to use sustainable reduced natural gasses. This means that even being stuck in terrible traffic conditions wouldn’t see you polluting our roads. Audi’s head of transmissions, Dr Franz Baumer, also claims that "mobility will have to be emission-free" at some stage, so it’s only a matter of time. Of course, the existing electric models need to see some popularity for that to happen. So, step into the future with Audi if you want your future to be emission free.


We all love the chance to upgrade to the latest models, don’t we? Features like Audi’s central driver assistance and safety technologies are what we love most. There’s no denying that we have some exciting developments to look forward to.

However, a focus on electric could see the top new tech appearing in these cars rather than standard releases. If you want to boast about having the latest Audi features, then you should include one of these electric cars on your shopping list.

Lower Costs

As a general rule, electric cars cost less. They’re cheaper to both run and maintain. The elimination of fuel costs is, frankly, something that can’t come fast enough. These lower costs, though, are often overridden by through-the-roof initial outlays. Manufacturers like Tesla have been top of this field because of their low upfront costs. Audi has realized that. While no price has been released yet, we know for sure that the G-Tron will be around the price bracket of Tesla’s Model S. With a starting price of $78,000, it’s fair to say that price tag will be in the mid-reasonable range for most us. So, what are you waiting for? The future is Audi.

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