Thursday, January 03, 2019

Why Do So Many Firms Choose Audi For Their Company Cars?

Audi is by no means the only car maker in the company car market (heck, they’re not even the only luxury German car maker in the market), but they seem to have managed to corner it in a way that nobody else has. Why this is the case is something of a mystery to most people because there are so many other vehicles that firms could choose.

Delivery Times

Want a new car quick? Companies often do. For instance, they might hire a new employee who needs a car. Perhaps they’ve decided to improve the firm’s perks and benefits for existing workers by offering vehicles as part of the pay package.

Getting hold of a dozen new company cars in a short amount of time might be an issue for many car makers, but Audi has a system in place that makes this kind of purchase surprisingly easy. The company has invested a lot of cash in its supply network, so it’s able to deliver multiple vehicles to specific locations in short order. Companies essentially tell Audi when and where they want the new cars, and it does the rest. No more questions asked.

Product Demonstrations

Another thing that Audi does very well is product demonstrations. They understand the company car market and get what it is that company bosses want when they turn up to the showroom to buy a bunch of cars. They care about things like safety features, CO2 emissions (if they’re trying to be a “green” company), running costs (because they don’t want to burden their employees with high maintenance fees), and the amount cars can be sold for once their time with the company is up.

They also want to make sure that their drivers remain safe on the road and don’t fall foul of the law. As points out, speed traps can be a major hazard for company drivers because they spend so much time on the road. Audi offers a range of cars that have in-built warnings and technology that prevent this from happening.

Replacement Options

Company cars usually last 24 months - three years at the most. Firms want to know what’s coming down the pike that’s bigger and better than what they had before. Not all car makers offer updated options every three or four years, but Audi makes a habit of it according to Even if the bodywork or engine doesn’t change, the automaker always offers company buyers something exciting to think about when updating their vehicles.

Tailored Business Meetings

Not all companies are in the business of making cars, and not all bosses know much about vehicles. Not everyone can be an Audi enthusiast like we are. Audi knows this, which is why they go out of their way to educate their customers about the benefits of using their vehicles. Their local business development managers go out to meet potential business customers at their premises, their homes, or regional Audi centers.

Is it any surprise that Audi has been so successful in the company car market?

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