Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Expensive Side Of Owning An Audi

by on 11/28/2019

Audi is world-renowned for producing cars that feature quality and reliability. These machines can often stay on the road for far longer than their competitors with parts and components that are designed to last, plus an engineering background that is unparalleled in the auto industry.

While they are able to stay on the road for a very long time, these motors can often be expensive, too. There are many elements that can contribute to this, and this post will be exploring some of them. This will give you an idea of the cost that comes with owning one of the best cars on the planet.

The Glass

Car windows, which have to be made from glass, are essential when it comes to keeping you safe on the road. Plastic will scratch, discolor, and is often too weak for this job, so this makes it impossible to use this versatile material. Thanks to their curves, tempering, and even the heating elements found inside them, auto glass repair can be very expensive on an Audi. It’s worth spending some time researching your options. Sometimes you will be able to find a second-hand glass that is in good condition. It will be cheaper than paying someone to repair the car for you.

The Parts

There will also be other parts that can cost a small fortune to have replaced. As Audi doesn’t produce cheap cars, all of the parts which are found inside are very high quality. These parts can cost quite a bit to produce, leaving some people unable to afford repairs. Make sure to check out your warranty to see what is covered. Otherwise, looking on the second-hand market can also be a good idea. It may not be worth buying parts from third parties as these simply won’t match the quality of the originals.

The Electronics

If you’ve ever gone from using an older Audi to sitting in a new one, you will have experienced the technological improvements that the company has made over the last couple of decades. These machines are packed to the brim with electronics, and these are often one of the first things to fail in your car.

While the parts aren’t too expensive when you’re looking to fix something like this, the labor costs can be huge, as the person who is handling it will need to be both an engineer and an electrician. There are guides online that can help with this, though it will often be worth getting the work done by a professional.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making your Audi cheaper to keep on the road. Other cars also come with these costs, but few will be quite as much as a car like an Audi.

Monday, June 17, 2019

The Benefits of a Self-Driving Car

by on 6/17/2019

The automobile industry is starting to roll out many new cars with driverless technology. Audi is one of the manufacturers that is leading the way in this area. Today, cars are featuring convenient driving assistance technologies that help with parking, highway driving, or even take over completely for the driver.

Here are some reasons why self-driving cars can be beneficial to the world...

Fewer Traffic Collisions

The first big benefit that could happen with more self-driving cars on the road concerns traffic safety. Some researchers predict that integrating more driverless cars on the road could cut down on traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. Studies have shown that more driverless vehicles on the road could help prevent car accidents caused by human error. Aggressive driving, road rage, drunk driving, and distracted driving could all be eliminated with the use of driverless technology in vehicles all over the country.

Less Traffic Congestion

Traffic jams and gridlock could also become a thing of the past if driverless technology takes over the roads. With automated cars, the rate of speed could be increased, allowing more vehicles to pass through during the busiest times of the day. Additionally, the driverless technology tends to make traffic flow more smoothly and free up any problem drivers, such as vehicles going too slow or changing lanes erratically. This could help improve traffic on busy routes.

More Relaxing Commute

Making a daily commute back and forth to work can be exhausting, especially if you live far from your office. A fully automated vehicle can help give drivers that time back, and they can spend their commute time resting, reading, or getting more work done. This can help improve mental health and give them a better grip on relaxation time, or it can boost a worker's productivity and help companies increase their efficiency.

Better Fuel Economy

Fuel economy also could be impacted by the introduction of more driverless vehicles. Gas is at a premium, and more electric or hybrid cars are making buying fuel more economical. For cars that still run on the traditional engine system, driverless technology can help control the way fuel burns. This technology has the capability to drive more efficiently in regards to fuel by maintaining optimal speed and braking, in addition to using gas more effectively. Upgrading to a car with driving assistance could help drivers save more at the gas pump.

Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance prices may also start to go down with more self-driving cars on the road. If there are fewer accidents and problems with human drivers, the end result may be a different way of insuring vehicles. Instead, liability and insurance costs may center more around stolen cars or property theft instead of collisions. Consumers stand to gain big with these developments.

Fewer Cars on the Road  

It's also possible that driverless technology may help reduce the number of cars on the road. Self-driving taxis, buses, and other means of public transport may become more reliable and be better options for commuters. This could help reduce the world's carbon emissions and give the environment a cleaner bill of health.

More Available Parking Space

The search for a parking spot in a big urban area can be frustrating, and living in a city means you probably have to pay dearly for a regular parking spot near your residence. With self-driving technology, it's possible to avoid parking spots altogether or store your vehicle somewhere else outside of the central city area. Instead, your car could drive to a different location or be used for other commuters to free up valuable parking spots.

Self-driving technology is an exciting development in today's world. Driverless cars may help improve some of the most challenging problems with cars, such as traffic, accidents, and carbon emissions from gas.

Friday, May 17, 2019

3 Reasons Why Audi Drivers Are Less Likely To Get In Trouble On The Road

by on 5/17/2019

There are many reasons to love Audis. Most obviously, they’re sure to see you looking like the hottest stuff on any road. There are also plenty of features and mod cons to brag about on any Audi release. And, as anyone who’s ever owned one will tell, you really don’t go back once you go Audi.

When you look at the facts, the arguments for opting for Audi go even deeper. Far from just wanting to look the part, Audi drivers are actually less liable to get into trouble on the road. There are three pressing reasons for this, and we’re going to look at them here.

Unmatched Safety Features

First is the fact that Audi uses the most cutting-edge tech. That means high-tech Audi infotainment and the absolute best safety features on the market. In fact, the sheer amount of safety steps taken by Audi are unmatched by any other car manufacturer. The list of Audi’s latest safety features includes, but is not limited to:

* Audi pre-sense
* Audi adaptive cruise control and traffic jam assist
* Vehicle exit assist
* Night vision assist
* Collision avoidance

Even by today’s standards, that’s a whole load of safety precautions to take. It works to ensure that Audi drivers are some of the least likely to get in trouble on the road. How could you, after all, with Audi having your back to such an impressive extent?

Investment to Protect

It’s also worth noting that, with a luxury vehicle like an Audi under your belt, you have an investment to protect when you’re out driving. Why, then, would you risk getting charged with a traffic crime like drunk driving and potentially damaging that investment? Even a small collision could be costly as well as damage the resale value of the vehicle. This is something that drivers of cheaper car models may not even think twice about. When you have an Audi under your care, you’re sure to be more careful in general. For most Audi drivers, even having one drink or going over the speed limit is simply not a risk worth taking.

A Real Buyer-Brand Connection

It’s also fair to say that Audi takes real care to form a buyer-brand connection. While many drivers couldn’t care less about their manufacturer’s reputation, Audi provides an incentive to do so by caring for their customers in the first place. A recent study by UTA Brand Studio saw Audi scoring 77 points out of 100 on brand attachment. That’s more than big names like BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Whichever way you look at it, Audi drivers are some of the best. These three factors are only part of the reason. If you’re thinking about joining the Audi club, this is just another reason why it would be worth your while.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Audi's History on the Big and Small Screens

by on 4/15/2019

Can you remember spotting an Audi in the following films?

Audi cars have been featured in many movies over the years. Did you spot one in these films?

Marvel Films

Thought by many to be the most successful movie franchises ever to be created, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has different movies for everyone. There have been 21 films released already — the most recent being Captain Marvel — and at least a dozen more in the pipeline.

You don’t only enjoy the action in these films, but you may also be able to spot a stylish Audi, too.

When it comes to the Iron Man trilogy, at least one Audi has been featured in every film! A 2007 R8 and S5 B8 can be found in the first movie, a 2009 A8 LD3 and 2010 R8 Spyder are spotted in the sequel, and a 2012 S7 and R8 e-tron are both featured in Iron Man 3. The R8 e-tron also turned up at a VIP screening of Iron Man 3 at London’s Leicester Square a few days before the movie’s general release.

Another Audi fact is that there were almost as many Audi cars in the three Iron Man movies as there was in one Captain America film (Civil War). Within its two hours and 27 minutes runtime, you can see the 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus, the 2017 SQ7, the 2017 A4, the 2016 A7 Sportback and even the Audi prologue concept car — a vehicle hailed as a “signature car” for Audi by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Development at Audi.

There’s more than meets the eye, though. Be on the lookout for an Audi R8, A6 Hybrid and A3 as you watch the excitement unfold in Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as an Audi TTS Roadster, R8 Spyder, Q7 and A8 during Spider-Man Homecoming — the first standalone film by our favorite web-slinger since he became involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Taking a step back from the Marvel Universe, the German brand is also spotted in other film adaptations of comic book heroes. An R8 Spyder feature in Wolverine — the titular protagonist’s actor Hugh Jackman even turned up at the London Leicester Square premiere of the film in the same car — and an A8 plays a role in the 2015 big screen edition of Fantastic Four.

The Fifty Shades Trilogy

You also might’ve noticed the German manufacturer’s presence in all three film adaptations of E.L. James’ novels, which follow the relationship of business magnate Christian Grey and college graduate Anastasia Steele.

What made this brand of car most attractive to the directors of this film? The brand’s multiple appearances came as a result of a partnership that was set up between Audi and Universal Pictures — a deal that Audi no doubt has relished seeing as the movie series has grossed over $1 billion across the globe!

In the first film of the trilogy, movie fans will be able to spot an Audi S8 D4, a 2017 S7 and an R8 Spyder. In the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, a set of Audi Q7 cars and an A3 took center stage, with both the R8 and Q7 returning when the franchise wrapped up last year with Fifty Shades Freed.

Mission Impossible II

To talk about Audi’s feature in Mission Impossible, let’s rewind back to the year 2000 and Mission: Impossible 2 to showcase how Audi has been featured in the hit movie series that has always starred Tom Cruise in the lead role of Ethan Hunt.

In a thrilling part of the film, Hunt leads a mission to destroy a deadly biological weapon and finds himself in an exhilarating car chase with international thief Nyah Nordoff-Hall. Hunt is behind the wheel of a Porsche Boxster and Nordoff-Hall tries to hold him off while driving an Audi TT — suffice to say that the pursuit between the two German-made cars into oncoming traffic is filled with nail-biting and edge-of-your-seat drama!

Furious 7

We couldn’t create an article about movies and cars without mentioning the Fast and Furious franchise. After all, this is a series that features street racing, heists, and espionage using all manners of vehicles, and has so far spanned eight main series entries and two additional short films — grossing in excess of $5 billion to date.

Fans are continually impressed with films that come out as part of this movie set. In fact, a spin-off movie called Hobbs & Shaw is due for release this summer.

Bringing a focus to Furious 7 now — a movie that clutched at the heartstrings as it was the final one to feature an appearance by series regular Paul Walker due to the actor being killed while the movie was still being filmed — is where you can see Audi appearing in the franchise.

You can spot the Audi R8 when it competes in an exciting quarter-mile race against a classic Plymouth Barracuda in the early moments of the film.


In the previously discussed films, the Audi’s that were featured are all models that exist. With I, ROBOT though, we’re taken to the future to see what Audi cars may potentially look like in years to come. Called the Audi RSQ, this concept vehicle represented the first time Audi had ever develop a car that was to be specifically used in a major Hollywood motion picture.

This futuristic model boasted piloted driving which allowed Will Smith’s Chicago police detective character Del Spooner to press a button to enable the car to take control of the driving — no doubt an early vision of the autonomous driving concept that we are only just starting to see being trialed in real life.

Those who take a ride in the RSQ are able to ride sideways and diagonal, while the use of balls instead of wheels was a quirky design touch. However, the typical single-frame grille and the presence of those four instantly recognizable silver rings let viewers clearly know that this car was without question an Audi.

This article was created by Audi & VW service provider, Vindis.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

High-Tech Audi Infotainment: Smart Connectivity

by on 4/10/2019

Smart connectivity and communication solutions are the keys to the future of auto vehicles. Audi is one of the car companies leading the way.

Until you drive one of these fabulous machines, you probably won’t fully understand why Audi cars are so special.

With its LTE module, Audi is linking its models to the web and fusing smartphones into the vehicle infotainment system in plenty of ways.

The Audi Connect Service

Audi connect helps deliver a wide range of data to the car. Almost every model is loaded with a broad spectrum of features including navigation with Google Earth, Google Street View to traffic online, parking location search and Audi connect safety & service. Car-to-X services are also available in some models, which interconnects Audi models in a way that they can exchange information in real time.

Audi connect can also provide the driver with audible information such as personalized message, e-mails, text messages, and information from social networks such as Twitter.

Audi connect services are conveniently operated from the multifunction MMI touch response or via voice command. The service also lets you know about your car battery which is the lifeblood of your vehicle. You can replace your old battery with the new one with car battery coupons in order to save money.

Audi Media: Safety & Services

The Audi connect safety and service consists of two parts. The first part offers emergency calls, online roadside assistance, and Audi helpline service.

In case of emergency, the car itself provides an audio and data connection with the Emergency helpline. The driver or front seat rider can push a button in the roof component, which activates online roadside assistance manually. This helps the driver connect directly to the Audi Service Center, and information such as car location and car status data are automatically transmitted.

The second part of the Audi Safety Service consists of remote services that can be supervised through an app. The app provides the option of locking and unlocking the car, searching for the location of a parked car, and activating vehicle status.

Audi Media: Services Displayed on Smartphone

The Audi Android-related services such as range, fuel level, and oil level can be conveniently displayed on the driver's Smartphone. The Android app can also be downloaded to supervise the heating function. Owners of Audi e-tron models are also able to know the charge status and electric range on their vehicle via the app. They even also have the option to call up charging station information so a driver can plan ahead. Audi also caters to customers by offering online auto parts shopping with Android apps.

Audi Connect Digital Key

Audi offers a digital key that is linked with the user's smartphone. The Audi key is easily used to lock, unlock, and start the car. The technology allows communication between the vehicle and the smartphone, transmitting data over a short distance by radio signal. The driver brings his smartphone near the driver's door, which has an NFC antenna, and unlocks it.

Audi connect SIM card

In our opinion, the Audi connect SIM (available in Europe) is one of the most wonderful things to happen to Audi vehicles. Essentially it is a mobile communication center with unlimited data for using Audi connect services. Customers can benefit from purchasing additional data packages, independently integrating Audi Connect services.

Audi Smartphone: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that connects your smartphone with the vehicle and runs on your car’s computer interface. A driver’s phone content such as navigation, music, and third-party apps are displayed in a separate MMI list. Drivers have the option to conveniently use the car operating system to view apps that are directly attached through a USB port.

We've only just scratched the surface of all the technical innovations that Audi has integrated into their vehicles. It'll be exciting to see what else they come up with!

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