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Here's How To Show Your Audi Some Love

by on 8/28/2020

Driving is a passion for many of us, and the love for the cars we drive can run deep. 

This is especially true if you're an Audi owner, as these cars are a joy to drive. They look stylish, too, so it would be of no surprise if you told us you had fallen head over heels in love with your car. So, what can you do to show your Audi some love? Buying it flowers is probably out of the question, and chocolate is a no-no too (You don't want to get any chocolatey mess on the seats, after all). 

On a more practical level, these are just a few of the things you can do...

#1: Make your Audi shine

We should all give our cars a good clean once in a while, as the dirt and grime that builds up can play havoc with the paintwork. Your Audi deserves to be seen in all its elegant glory, so set aside time to make your car shine and sparkle. Then your car will look good, and you will have protected it from any potential damage. Nick's Car Blog lists a few of the Audi cleaning and detailing products you might want to consider.

#2: Buy your Audi a gift

As we said, flowers are out of the question. although you might want to purchase an air freshener if you want to sweeten up your car's interior. You might want to consider a few modifications too. From new sports seats for the inside of your car to exhaust modifications to improve your car's performance, research the mods that are available for your model. Head over to your nearest Audi showroom to find out more, or take a look online and use Shiply for cheaper delivery when ordering parts. 

#3: Handle your Audi with care

You want to keep your Audi for as long as possible, right? Sure you do, so avoid those bad driving habits that could be secretly damaging your car. Putting your foot down on the accelerator when you're in a high gear could place unnecessary strain on the engine, for example. Also, failing to slow down before a speed bump could buckle your car's wheels and crack the alloys. The RAC list a range of bad driving habits, so take heed and handle your Audi with better care if you're guilty of any of them.

#4: Get to know your Audi better

Your Audi will get to know you and your driving style but as with any good relationship, you need to make the effort to get to know your Audi, too. Make sure you have a decent understanding of when things might be going wrong with your car by knowing what each warning light on the dashboard means. Check your driver's manual so you know what is going on beneath the bonnet. And find out more about the performance capability of your Audi, perhaps by using these tuning ideas to make the most of what your car can do. 

When you love your Audi, your car will love you in return by performing as it should. Give your Audi some TLC and make the most out of your relationship.

Car Costs You Might Not Have Considered

by on 8/28/2020

When you’re thinking about buying a car, most of the time your mind is solely focused on the cost of the car itself. People tend to forget about a lot of the other costs. 

It’s not as simple as just buying the car, and then that’s it, you don’t have to pay anything towards it ever again. Owning a car is a lot of money, and we want to make sure that you’ve considered all the costs before you make a purchase. 

Day To Day Runnings

It is essential that you keep in mind that there are day-to-day running costs that come with a car. Oil and fuel are just two of them. These costs can add up to quite a hefty amount depending on how much you drive your car. The actual cost is going to depend on what the vehicle is, how big it is, how much fuel it can hold, and so on, so look into all of this before you buy any car. 

Regardless of that, though, are you going to be able to afford to put petrol in every couple of days, no matter how big or small the tank is? Are you going to be able to afford to keep the oil and the wiper fluid topped up? Are you going to be able to afford a spare tire every time one needs to be changed? If the answer to any of these questions is "No", then you’ve got to keep this in mind because it means buying a car right now might not be the best choice.


If you’re moving or traveling, you might need to look into car shipping. This is where you pay someone to ship your car to a new location. There are a number of companies that can do this for you. A company like Ship A Car Direct offers you a solution to your car shipping needs, ensuring that only the best drivers even sit in your car, so you don’t have anything to worry about. 

You never know if you’re going to need car shipping for whatever reason, so you can’t dismiss this saying that you’re never going to use it. Sure, you might not ever need a service like this, but there’s no way to know for sure, and it’s better to think about it now than be surprised by it later.


Finally, if your car breaks down and you don’t have insurance or a warranty for this, what are you going to do? It’s going to cost you a fair chunk of money to get it moved from its location, let alone fix whatever the damage is. It’s impossible to know when your car is going to breakdown, which means that you always need to have some cash handy or accessible in case this happens. It’s not ideal, but it’s important, so if you don’t think that you can do this, then it might be wise to put off the purchase for a little while.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know some of the car costs that you might not have considered before. Make sure to take these factors into consideration before you make any kind of vehicle purchase.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Now is the Ideal Time to Purchase an Audi

by on 7/14/2020

Is now the right time to purchase an Audi? Whether your dream car is a 2020 A8 Horch or an RS Q8, you might not know if this is the best time to put those brand new keys into your pocket. Right now might in fact be the perfect time to purchase an Audi, used or new. But, Why?

Financing and Incentives

During the COVID lockdown many car dealerships were unable to move their inventory as they were forced to close. Because of that, cars that would normally sit on dealership lots for a month have been there between two and four months.

Many dealerships are now open and looking to move their inventory, so they may offer special financing and incentives that they might otherwise save for special events. Many incentives are not just discounts off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price but include things like cashback on new vehicles as well.

Larger Savings

If you had intended on purchasing a vehicle several months ago but were unable to do so with so many dealerships closing during the pandemic, you may have saved extra cash that you normally would have put towards other purchases. With so many people in lockdown, many individuals were not able to purchase things they normally would have for entertainment. What that may mean for you is that you can afford a slightly nicer car since your down payment may be several more months of savings. Instead of opting for a generic family car, you may be able to afford a vehicle closer to your “Dream Car.”

Ease of Purchase, Especially for Introverts

If you’re a bit of an introvert, or simply don’t like the typical car-buying experience that often comes with dealership and salesmen, you’re in for a treat. If you’re arranging to purchase a car right now, many aspects can take place right from your couch. From securing financing to even arranging for a test drive, you don’t have to physically walk in right now. Instead of waiting for a salesman to let you take an Audi for a test drive on a busy afternoon at the dealership, you can simply schedule that test drive online.

Is It Safe to Buy a Car Now?

It can be nerve-wracking when thinking about interacting with people in close quarters during a pandemic. If you have any fears about buying or test-driving a vehicle, contact various car dealerships first to see what protocols they are putting into place to keep you and their staff safe. Ideally, the dealership should be following distancing and sanitization protocols, and you may want to check to see if they are only taking customers into their showrooms by scheduled appointments.

If you are in a financial position to replace your existing vehicle, now may be a perfect time to upgrade or trade-in your car. With incentives and ease of purchase, it can be easy to overbuy, so make sure you’re satisfied with your vehicle before taking the plunge. If you’re interested in buying a used Audi, make sure to check out our blog on 4 things to remember when purchasing a used car.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

How to Get Your Audi Ready to Sell: 5 Tips to Use

by on 7/08/2020
Audi Q7
If you’re thinking of selling your Audi car in the near future, then there are certain steps you want to take to ensure that it will get the price it deserves. Even if you’ve routinely looked after your car throughout the years, there are particular things you’ll want to do to it to guarantee that you’re not losing thousands of dollars in the sale.

To help guide you in the right direction, we’ve created a list of 5 tips you can use to get your car ready:

Research its Value

At the start of the process, it’s good to know what price you can expect to achieve from the sale. You want to put a realistic price on it – not one that turns away potential buyers. Do some research online and see what people are charging for the same model, year and specification. You can then use this information to help sell it. Luckily, there are plenty of sites that will give you an appraisal of the price too.

Make Sure You Have All the Paperwork

While it’s important to ensure that the car looks in good condition, it’s also essential that you have all the paperwork on hand before you put it up for sale. This will include detailed records of any work that’s been carried out on it, the title, etc. Something that potential buyers may ask to see before they buy it, you want to have all the critical records available from the get-go.

Get Your Car Checked by a Mechanic

You want to put your car up for sale and be confident that it’s in great condition. To help guarantee this, get your car checked by a qualified mechanic beforehand. By ensuring that it’s running smoothly without any issues, it will give both you and the buyer peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

Make Sure It Gives Off a Great First Impression

This might seem like an obvious one, but it should be a top priority in the process. Not only should you make sure that any scratched or chipped paint is repaired, you should also get dents removed and make sure the car’s exterior and interior are thoroughly cleaned.

You want your car to give off the best first impression possible, so spend some time giving it the TLC it deserves. This might also involve removing any stickers on the windows and vinyl decal (see how to remove vinyl decal here).

Think About How You’ll Advertise It

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to advertise a car that you want to sell online. When doing this, you’ll have to be careful. Try to only put your number or email address – not your home address or other personal information. After all, you only want legitimate inquiries into the car.

Having said that, you could advertise your car on used car sites, social media, or just put a note on the car stating the price – whatever you feel comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

These are 5 simple tips to help you sell your car quickly and efficiently. The steps that you take, of course, are up to you. But whatever you can do to ensure that it’s fully functional and physically appealing to buyers, the higher the offer you’ll receive.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

You Guide to Safe Driving in Summer in an Audi

by on 7/02/2020

While you might be used to safe driving guides for poor weather conditions like the snow or rain, driving in the summertime isn’t free of risks either. Prepare for the rides ahead in your Audi, even when you are staying close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting Out of the House during the Coronavirus Summer

As businesses and parts start to re-open this summer, you and your family might want to go for short outings to get out of the house. The kids might be bored, especially now if they are on summer vacation.

Rather than taking public transit, driving your Audi provides a lower risk of catching the coronavirus. If you happen to be someone who has an ignition interlock device in your Audi, then abide by the regulations; seek a reputable lawyer if you face an ignition interlock violation.

Be sure to stay safe when stepping out of the car, too. If there are many people around at your destination who are not from your household, then wear a mask.

Continue to social distance at a six-foot radius and carry hand sanitizer with you in case soap and water are not conveniently available. Consider keeping a travel bottle of hand sanitizer in the car’s middle console for you and the family to use when needed.

Keep the Fluids Topped Up

As the weather can quickly heat up, be sure to maintain the proper level of fluids in your Audi. Specifically, top up your coolant (antifreeze) to the level shown if you have not done so lately.

The coolant protects the aluminum parts under the hood and keeps the engine from overheating. If you notice that the reservoir is rusty, replace it right away.

Also, check on the motor oil level as part of proper maintenance. Change the oil at the interval indicated in your Audi manual, and top it up as necessary. Get in the habit of checking the oil at least once per month.

While you’re under the hood, look at the battery to check if there is any noticeable corrosion. If you have had it for 3-5 years, then it is getting close to replacement time.

While it might not rain during your summer outings, the Audi windshield might get dusty and dirty while on your summer road trip. Top up the washer fluid so that you can clean the windshield and maintain good visibility, which helps keep you and your passengers safe. If the wipers are getting worn, replace those too.

Pack Allergy Pills

Sneezing at the wheel is not fun, so if you know that your hay fever is going to kick in, then be sure to pack your allergy medication. Bear in mind that some tablets may cause drowsiness and affect your ability to drive.

In this case, always check the medication label and ask a pharmacist or your doctor if it’s okay to drive soon after taking the dosage. If the answer is no, then avoid taking it or get someone else to take the wheel.

What are your top tips for road trips during the summer season? Share your thoughts via comments below!

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