Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Are You Paying Too Much For That Audi?

by on 2/16/2021

Make Sure Time Is On Your Side

How do you know when it’s the perfect time to buy an Audi? The market can change and the desirability of certain brands will go up and down over time. However, if you’re buying from a dealership, then one of the best ways to try to get a price reduction is to wait until the end of the sales quarter. Salespeople are trying to hit their quotas by the end of those sales periods and might be willing to reduce the price a touch for you.

Get Yourself a Better Loan

The sticker price on the car isn’t the only thing that determines how much you will be paying for it. This is also determined why the loan agreement you have. The longer you’re paying a loan, the more you’re paying. This also goes for higher interest. Working to get your credit down can help, but it’s important to shop around for the right loan. Don’t take the offer from the dealership. See what’s offered locally as well as online through firms like New Roads Auto Loans. Usually, the first loan offer that comes your way isn’t going to be the best so do your homework.

Using That Silver Tongue

Think you have the gift of the gab? Well, you might be able to use that to make sure you’re getting a fair price on any Audi that you’re buying. It’s worth noting that dealers typically have more wiggle room on used cars but, as Dave Ramsey shows, there’s still some flex when buying new as well. Typically, negotiating means coming in with plenty of information on the market prices of the car in question. Be patient and don’t rush to any decisions. Playing the cautious game over time can make it more likely the dealer will meet you half-way. You can always pay cash, too, if you have enough of it lying around.

Consider Used (With a Difference)

One of the easiest ways to knock a chunk off the asking price of a car is to go with a used model instead. However, if you’re a little uncertain about the used market, then you might want to consider certified pre-owned cars from licensed dealers. Usually, these dealers have to follow specific guidelines from the manufacturers to make sure that they’re selling cars of the right quality, even if they have been owned before.

Getting the Audi you want at the price you want will depend on a few factors: timing, your credit, and your ability to negotiate. If you can’t wait until all these ducks are in order, then you might have a hard time finding any wiggle room.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Five Things To Consider When Buying An Audi

by on 2/11/2021

When buying an Audi, it’s important to make considerations when it comes to what you need versus what you want in a car. Everyone is a little bit different when it comes to driving, so whether you choose a manual or automatic, or you’re more interested in the interior’s features, here are five things to consider when buying an Audi.

Think About Your Budget

Budget is an important thing to consider because there’s going to be a lot of variation in cost when it comes to your Audi. Some Audi models can be affordable but as far as the manufacturer goes, they are considered to be a more luxury type car than others on the market. With that being said, you want to consider what your budget is and how much you’ll be willing to spend. It’s also dependent on the type of model you go for and the age of the car. Of course, interior preferences and add-ons can also hike up the price as well as overall running costs.

Some Audi models are affordable to run and are seen as some of the more cost-effective cars to run, too. The Audi brand is reputable, so if you’re buying an Audi for the first time, you’re certainly getting a good car brand. For seasoned Audi owners, you’ll likely have an idea of the budget you have available and what you should be aiming for.

Consider Fuel and Engine Size

Fuel and engine size is important when it comes to your needs for the car itself. It’s not always about having the biggest engine either because some of Audi's smaller engines can offer just as much power while also offering a lower fuel consumption.

Fuel is an essential part of the process because not only does it affect the price but it may also dictate what model you go for. Audi offers petrol, diesel and electric. With the way things are going with carbon emission changes and the popularity of electric cars, you might want to gravitate towards an electric car.

What Is It You Need From Your Audi?

Think about what you want when it comes to your next Audi. Learning from previous cars, you start to get an idea of what it is you like in a car and perhaps what you dislike. It’s worth noting down a list of must-haves with the next model you pick as well as any optional add-ons that would make the purchase of the car, a bonus. For some, they may need more room in the car due to having a family, whereas others want a more compact sleek style. The Audi brand has plenty of models to choose from that come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re buying brand new, then you can use Audi’s own car configuration application that can help you build your perfect car.

It’s also essential to make sure you’ve got the opportunity to test drive any car you’re looking at. A practice drivers test is something you’ll have wanted to do well before shopping for your car if you’re a first-time car owner. Make sure you have the ability to test drive your car.

Do Your Research On Models

Models - there are so many of them that it can be difficult to pick from. It’s always good to do your research on Audi models so that you understand which ones are going to be more suited for you than others. It’s worth consulting expert websites and those that are most knowledgeable about the Audi brand, of which this site is a good place to start.

The more research you do, the better informed you’ll be about the models themselves and hopefully you’ll have made the right choice as a result.

New Or Used?

And finally, do you opt for new or used? It’s all about the financial costs. Buying a car that’s already had one or two owners is going to be the better option from a financial sense. However, some car buyers may prefer to have a brand new car. It’s worth weighing up your options and giving it some consideration.

When buying an Audi, you’re buying from a reputable brand but it’s still important to do your research and know exactly what it is you want from a car.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

TFSI Troubles: 5 Areas Audi Owners Go Wrong With Their EA113's

by on 12/31/2020

As with any engine, the EA113 TFSI motor is fantastic when it works as it should. The problem is when owners of Audis with that engine don’t maintain them properly. As a result, they end up with cars that don’t perform well or - worse - don’t work at all!

You can find the EA113 TFSI engine fitted to various models since 2004, such as the Audi TT (8J), A3 (8P), and A4 (8E/8H [B7]). It’s one of the most popular motors to date produced by the Volkswagen Group.

You’re likely reading this because you’ve got an Audi with the EA113 TFSI engine, and you want to know how to keep it running in perfect condition. The following are five areas where you must pay close attention to achieving that goal:

1. Belt and chain

Some TFSI owners don’t realize their motors have both belts and chains. The timing belt is on the passenger side of the engine, along with the auxiliary drive belt. But, there’s also a small cam chain on the opposite side.

Chains generally last longer than belts. But, if you’ve got no proof that your engine’s chain and tensioner ever got replaced, it’s time to get the work done. The same applies to your timing belt and related accessories such as the water pump and any pulleys and tensioners.

2. Cam follower

A known weak spot on the EA113 TFSI engine is a worn cam follower. The part itself is inexpensive but should get checked at every service and replaced where necessary.

If you have a worn cam follower, you could end up having damage to your intake cam and the high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP). The design of the cam follower changed on the newer TSI engines (EA888).

3. PCV valve

One part anyone can change themselves in minutes and armed with just a screwdriver is the PCV valve.

They are notorious for getting blocked up with carbon and cause all kinds of running problems. Again, the part itself is inexpensive, and it’ll take you just a few minutes to replace it.

4. Battery

Something that leaves many Audi owners scratching their heads is poor performance from their batteries. Many unsuspecting owners assume they’ve got electrical gremlins or end up changing expensive parts like starter motors and alternators.

The truth is, batteries lose voltage if they don’t get charged properly. Cold weather plus short and infrequent drives can exacerbate the problem. Thankfully, the solution is simple: use a good quality battery charger and top up the charge on your 12v battery monthly.

You can read more about the different battery chargers on the market so you can select the best one for your needs.

5. Ignition coils and spark plugs

Lastly, if your Audi lacks power and even misfires sometimes, the chances are high that you’ll need to replace your ignition coils and spark plugs. You should consider replacing the ignition coils whenever you fit new spark plugs for added peace of mind.

Many Audi TFSI owners fit coils designed for an R8 as they operate more efficiently (and are actually cheaper) than the OE ones for the EA113.

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Should I Buy A Dashcam For My Audi?

by on 12/05/2020

Dashcams are all the rage nowadays. These small cameras allow you to record video footage of each journey. They’re most commonly placed on the dashboard facing towards the front of the road, however, there are cameras out there that can fit on the exterior of your vehicle. They can also hang from the inside roof looking backwards, allowing you to take all kinds of footage. 

Below are just a few reasons to consider getting a dashcam as well as a brief guide on which camera is best for your Audi. 

Why get a dashcam?

Being able to record video footage while driving has many benefits. Some of the main reasons to buy a dashcam include:

Stay legally protected in an accident

If you’re involved in an accident, a dashcam could help you prove that the other driver was at fault. You may be able to show on camera that a driver wasn’t paying attention or that they pulled out without indicating. In the case of an injury claim in which you may need to hire an expert car accident lawyer, having this dashcam footage could greatly help to support your case. When making an insurance claim, it could also be handy to have this footage as evidence. 

Help report crime on the roads

Many of us witness acts of reckless driving on the roads but often aren’t able to make a record of the driver’s license plate at the time. Having a dashcam could allow you to capture evidence, which could be useful if you decide to report the behavior to the police. You may even catch criminal behavior taking place off the road such as fights on the sidewalk. 

Monitor other drivers using your car

A dashcam could also be used to monitor other drivers who may be borrowing your car. If you have a kid who has recently passed their test and they have a habit of driving a little dangerously, a dashcam could enable you to record their journey, potentially discouraging them from speeding or taking corners too fast. . 

Capture memories of epic road trips

Got a road trip planned in your Audi? A dashcam could be a great way of recording some of the scenic drives so that you can later look back on them. It may be useful simply for capturing odd or amusing sights on the road. In fact, you may be able to capture anything hilarious and bizarre simply by recording your day-to-day driving - some of which you may even be able to post online and turn into viral videos. 

What’s the best dashcam for Audis?

Most dashcams are likely to be compatible with Audis. While there are some that you can easily wire up yourself, others may benefit from being professionally installed (if anything, so that you’re not trailing wires everywhere).

The Audi UTR is a dashcam produced by Audi that could be a good choice. These cameras record footage onto a removable SD card. You can also view your recordings via an app. The dashcam is one of the more pricey options on the market, but it’s a high quality camera that is worth the value. 

If you’d prefer something cheaper, there are many other models of dashcam on the market. 4K cameras are the most high quality options, but can be quite costly. There are many HD options that aren’t far off the same quality that could save you some money. Those that don’t come with an app and save footage solely onto a SD card may also be cheaper.

Dashcams are easiest to install in modern cars. While it’s possible to have dashcams retrofitted into Audi models produced before 2010, you’ll likely have to spend a little extra. Bear this in mind if you have an older model. 

Some drivers get multiple dashcams fitted on their car. In fact, there are kits that allow you to install both a forward and backwards facing camera, storing footage to the same memory device. Having two cameras could give you added protection in an accident, as well as allow you to record more incidents (serious or funny) throughout each journey.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

6 Upgrades You Should Consider To Improve Your Audi

by on 11/28/2020

Audi remains a significant brand in the global luxury car market, known for its unique Quattro all-wheel-drive style system, well-crafted interiors, and performance. Audi is still famous in the U.S., recording about 224,111 sales in the country in 2019. You can make several upgrades to whatever Audi model you own to improve its aesthetic value and performance.

What specific upgrades can you make to improve your vehicle? Take a look at these options...

1) Spark plugs

Many automobile experts agree that your vehicle's spark plugs can slow your car down if you fail to replace or upgrade when necessary. Blown or misfiring plugs will cause an inconsistent mixture of fuel and air. As you already know, air and fuel are vital ingredients that combine to propel your car, so replace your spark plugs when you are due for an upgrade. Better spark plugs will increase your engine's combustion, resulting in more horsepower, lower emissions, and better fuel economy. Spark plugs are durable components that won't need replacement very often, but experts think you are due for an upgrade about every 30,000 to 90,000 miles. Consequently, it would be best to replace your spark plugs after the recommended mileage to prolong your vehicle’s life.

2) Change your wheels and tires

Wheel and tire changes are an easy way to upgrade your Audi. Tires are arguably the most significant part of your car because they determine everything from how successfully you negotiate curves to allowing your brakes to function. Aside from outright tire damage that requires instant replacement, other factors like time can also necessitate wheel and tire changes. Old and worn-out tires will have less grip on the road and delay your stopping motion.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicles with worn-out tires are three times more likely to crash. As such, some experts recommend changing your tires every five to ten years for safety reasons. Tread depth is another factor that determines whether or not you are due for a tire change. New tires typically have between 9/32 and 11/32 of the original tread material. Experts say you should replace your tires when your tread depth reaches below 4/32 because smooth tires are dangerous and illegal. Therefore, check out some wheels and tyres packages to choose your vehicle's best fit to keep you safe while driving and improve your car's look.

3) Intercooler

Engines are typically hot, and those with turbochargers are even hotter. Turbochargers bring some power to your driving experience by improving your engine’s efficiency. However, your turbocharger requires cooling because it emits a lot of hot compressed air that lowers your engine’s power output over time. Therefore, consider upgrading your Audi's intercooler to improve your engine's performance.

An intercooler will reduce air temperature, making the air available to your engine colder and denser. Dense cold air is suitable for your engine because it is less likely to detonate and makes your engine work less, spin slower, and compress less air to boost your vehicle. Upgrading your turbocharged Audi’s intercooler will improve its horsepower, create safer operating temperatures, and improve your vehicle’s performance. Consequently, consider upgrading your car’s intercooler to boost your engine’s performance and make your vehicle more efficient.

4) Rear-seat entertainment systems

It would be best to consider adding or upgrading your Audi's rear-seat entertainment, especially if you have a large family. Frequent long journeys and road trips can become boring for your kids in the backseat, making the drive stressful and unbearable for all. However, by installing back seat entertainment, you can transform an "Are we there yet?" journey into a long, silent affair that benefits all parties.

These systems come with USB ports and SD slots that can play several digital media files, so your kids will be occupied with their favorite movies, series, music, etc. Some overhead monitors even pack FM modulator systems that can broadcast the audio signals from the rear screens over radio station frequencies if all occupants want in on the entertainment. Backseat monitor upgrades make trips in your Audi more entertaining.

5) Add a performance exhaust

Exhaust systems are a frequently overlooked part for many car owners during upgrades and maintenance. However, many automobile experts advise that having a properly functioning exhaust system is crucial to every car working at optimal performance.

Upgrading to a performance exhaust will give your vehicle extra power by improving exhaust flow out of your engine. This improves your engine's efficiency by releasing more horsepower and torque and boosting the effectiveness of other connected systems. Also, you will enjoy increased fuel economy with a performance exhaust upgrade. Increased torque means you will require less throttle to maintain any speed, therefore burning less fuel while driving. Upgrading your exhaust also refines your engine’s sound as you shift gears and accelerate.

6) Suspension

Your car’s suspension is composed of shock absorbers and springs crucial to its functioning, as they maximize the friction between the road and your tires. This improved friction is what allows for stable steering and better handling. As such, an ineffective suspension system decreases your control behind the wheel and increases your chances of crashing.

An improved suspension system also provides comfort for your passengers, maintains dynamic wheel alignment, and provides consistent handling and braking. Therefore, upgrade your car's suspension by installing anti-roll bars or sway bars. Several automobile experts recommend strut tower braces to reduce structural stress on your vehicle and improve your chassis stiffness, optimizing it for cornering tasks. You can also upgrade your air suspension and add coil-overs to your Audi to enhance its suspension for the best results.

These are just a few things you can do upgrade your Audi. Implemnting these upgrades and help improve performance and overall comfort while driving your vehicle.

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