Tuesday, November 27, 2018

3 Ways to Be a Safer Audi Driver

As an Audi driver, you may already be well aware of the negative reputation that you have out on the road. You have probably had to laugh along with some jokes that people have made before they realize what sort of car that you drive!

Whether this is unfair or not, everyone should still be taking steps to become a safer driver if possible. Don’t become a stereotype. Turn yourself into a safer Audi driver by following some of the following tips.

Use the Technology at Your Fingertips

Modern cars are being fitted with more and more safety devices that are designed to help motorists, passengers, pedestrians, and any other road users stay safe. If you have a modern Audi, it is worth understanding the safety features of your car so that you are able to use them to the full level of effectiveness.

Read your owner’s manual, watch videos, and try out the features in a controlled environment such as an empty parking lot. To make your driving experience even safer, you could also look into the other safety equipment that you can invest in such as a Blackbox My Car dash cam. Remember that all this new technology has been created for a reason and it is certainly worth using for the safety of everyone.

Minimize Distractions

One of the biggest spikes when it comes to vehicle accident rates has come from people using their mobile phones when they are driving. If you are at all tempted to do this, you should put your smartphone out of sight so that you can’t fiddle with it while you are behind the wheel. Otherwise, you could engage a hands-free driving device or a voice-controlled one. It is very hard to stay focused in our modern world, but if there is any time that you need to, it is when you are driving.

Become a More Defensive Driver

Driving in an aggressive manner is never something that is going to improve your chances of having a safe driving experience. Even if you consider yourself a good driver, you can never be fully confident about what those around you are going to do.

You should focus on gentle acceleration and deceleration, keeping your distance from the car in front of you, and look into the distance to spot any hazards before they become an issue. You also need to adjust your driving when you encounter any difficult weather conditions on the roads such as icy roads or heavy rain.

Following these three tips alone can go a long way towards ensuring that you are a safer driver, and do your part in improving the reputation of Audi drivers everywhere!

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