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5 Places to Take Your Audi on Vacation

2017 Audi Q7

When you buy a new car, you often find yourself feeling incredibly motivated to go on fantastic road trips and enjoy a vacation with your new four-wheeled friend. As time passes, though, you tend to find the novelty of your new car wears off. What was once intended to be a fun driving machine becomes the kids' taxi, commuter train, and shopping cart.

Perhaps you had dreams of conquering your driving fears and undertaking an aceable defensive driving course to sharpen your driving skills, taking your car on an exotic adventure, or simply enjoying the feeling of power as you put your foot down and pull past people in the fast lane.

Maybe it’s time to fall back in love with your Audi and rekindle the spark. Perhaps a vacation in the form of a road trip is just what you need. Let’s take a look at some of the best places in the world you could take your Audi on vacation.

Admittedly, some of these destinations are further afield than would be viable to transport your car, but there’s nothing stopping you from renting a premium car. In some countries such as the UK, Audi offers a free 48-hour test drive!


In North Italy toward Switzerland and the Dolomite mountain range are the Italian Lakes, which consist of Lake Garda and Lake Como. These lakes host some of the most scenic drives in all of Italy.

In particular, driving around the lake and heading toward the Dolomite mountain range can be an incredible experience. Of course, there isn’t quite as much to do as in popular cities like Rome, although Milan is nearby. The natural scenery of this beautiful landscape makes it an ideal place to have an adventure.


If you’re looking for something a little closer to the US, but still exotic, why not take the roof down in the summer and head to the Florida Keys.

The US 1 from Miami to Key West is a gorgeous 150-mile drive. There is an incredibly long bridge connecting the mainland to these little islands. In fact, the majority of the drive is surrounded by ocean on either side, making it a perfect place to put some good tunes on, take the top down, and catch up on your tan.


If you’re looking to get away from it all, then follow this Canadian route through Southern Alberta to the lunar landscape of the badlands where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains.

It’s a breathtakingly beautiful route with a lot of variety in terms of scenery and different landscapes that are complemented by the friendly nature of the Canadian communities you will be traveling through. You can either enjoy a winter adventure of campfires and snow or perhaps you would prefer to visit in the summer months when the weather is perfect.

4. US ROUTE 20 (USA)

If you want to travel coast to coast, then this is the route for you. Route 20 is the longest road in America covering a distance of 3,365 miles from Newport (Oregon) to Boston (Massachusetts).

If you have time to explore Yellowstone National Park, this makes a lovely pit stop because driving for 3,365 miles is not something you want to rush. That said, the route is fast and easy to drive… albeit, not very colorful as your mostly on fast roads. You should be able to cover it in two to three weeks if you’re in a hurry.

However, the best way to approach this coast to coast route is to take your time. Stopping along the way in the small towns are what make this route so culturally interesting.

5. ROUTE 66 (USA)

Perhaps the most coveted “road trip” in the world, Route 66 is now celebrating its 100th birthday.

This route will take you from Chicago to Santa Monica and cuts through scenery akin to an old western movie. It covers 2,450 miles if you go the entire distance. While there are perhaps more interesting road trips in America in regards to seeing and doing things along the way, a trip on this classic route is hard to beat when it comes to ticking adventures off your bucket list.

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