Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why Is An Audi The Perfect Family Car?

Audi A5 Sportback

Think of a perfect family car and an Audi may not spring to mind. Instead, the likes of any minivan will seem more appealing. It's the traditional family vehicle loved by parents around the world. Aren’t Audis too exotic and expensive to be suitable?

The truth is, you should never judge an Audi by its cover. Choose correctly and you will have a vehicle that is tailor-made for the family lifestyle. Here are the reasons why:


The initial cost is always going to be a factor, yet Audis are surprisingly affordable. The S4 has to be the best illustration of this in practice. Around $40,000 for a new model, the used options are less than $10,000 in some dealerships. Although a second-hand model may not appeal in the beginning, Audis are German made, which makes them very durable. Even a car with 100,000 miles on the clock will still tick over like clockwork as long as it comes with the proper certification. Plus, you’ll save money on the repairs too, and that’s always a bonus.


The sturdiness of an Audi adds another string to its bow: reliability. One thing you must have in a family car is an element of trust. Otherwise, it will break down by the side of the road with three kids in the back. Anyone who has been through the experience will understand it’s one of the worst situations to be in!

Thankfully, an Audi such as the Q3 ranks high in longevity. According to some ranking systems, it’s number 31 on the list below the likes of Toyota and Volvo. Now, that’s some achievement considering these are the pinnacle of reliability.


Another necessity is space. With kids, you need to be able to fit them in the front or passengers seats with plenty of room to spare. As soon as they get cooped up, they will scream and cry and moan. An A7 has 21mm extra so that people in the back get additional legroom. If you’re wondering, “What are the booster seat laws?” Don’t worry because this model has ample space.

Also, there is the trunk that can hold as many as 535 liters of luggage; 1,400 with the seats down. Considering kids bring the whole house on the smallest of journeys, these features are lifesavers for parents.

Fuel Economy/The Environment

Both of these go hand in hand as one impacts the other. Fuel economy is important for families for many reasons. In short, nobody wants to keep on filling up and wasting money. It’s a misuse of time and energy. As families use their vehicle a lot, this also results in a high carbon footprint. The good news is that Audi has you covered on both fronts. The A3 Sportback has a rating of 166mpg and only emits 38g per km of carbon.

On all fronts, Audis cover the major bases so that families don’t have to worry on the road.

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